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At Home: A Client's Appreciation for Authentic Architecture

Image of At Home: A Client's Appreciation for Authentic Architecture

Softcover :: 220 pages :: 9" x 6" :: Published in 2023
Written by Deborah Lencioni Lapp :: Foreword by Arthur Dyson :: Photographs by Scot Zimmerman

With more than 100 color photos, author Deborah Lencioni Lapp tells the story of her life in the houses she's called home, and in so doing, demonstrates the importance of architecture in our everyday lives. Having worked closely with renowned architect Arthur Dyson on her first home, the award-winning Lencioni Residence, Lapp returns to Dyson decades later, after the death of her husband, after her children have grown, and after her remarriage, to create a new home — the award-winning Lapp RiverHouse — for the next phase in her and her partner's lives. From the planning stages to soliciting bids from contractors to the challenges and joys of construction, Lapp lays out in specific, eye-opening, and sometimes humorous detail, how a client-architect collaboration can and should work. In an age of cookie-cutter McMansions, Lapp shows us that a nourishing, energizing, and embracing home that reflects your authentic self is not only possible, it makes all the difference.

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