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Desert Life : Desert Foilage at Taliesin West

Image of Desert Life : Desert Foilage at Taliesin West

40 pages :: 8.5" x 8.5" :: by Cornelia Brierly, with writings by Frank Lloyd Wright.

In the early 1980s Taliesin Fellow, Cornelia Brierly, wrote a pamphlet entitled "Desert Life : Desert Foliage at Taliesin West" focusing upon the local desert plants. Charming sketches by Taliesin artist, Ling Po, captured each plant’s characteristic growth habit.

Over thirty years have passed since then and this wonderful booklet had gone out of print. OA+D and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation have worked with Cornelia's daughters, Anna Coor and Indira Berndtson, to bring this introduction to the wonders of the desert back into print. In addition to the original text and line drawings, this special publication also features a section of never-before-published nature abstractions by several Taliesin Fellows.

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NOTE: This is a special publication and is not included as part of the Journal OA+D subscription. It must be purchased separately.