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William Wesley Peters: The Evolution of a Creative Force

Image of William Wesley Peters: The Evolution of a Creative Force

Hardcover :: 86 pages :: 10" x 13" :: LIMITED EDITION
Editor Emeritus John DeKoven Hill. With text by John C. Amarantides, David E. Dodge, Aaron G. Green, John DeKoven Hill, and William B. Scott, Jr.

To know William Wesley Peters was to enjoy him, and one could not overlook the abundance of his enjoyment of life and his enthusiasm for it in every direction. All of this was manifest in his architectural works. The “Box Projects” which he executed with no restrictions on his creativity are infused with all of these manifestations of his enthusiasm and his search for beauty in everything — much of it as a tribute to the enormous effectiveness of his extremely close association with Frank Lloyd Wright.

This very special limited edition large format book reproduces for the first time Wes's Box Projects in full color and with accompanying contextual essays by the people who knew and worked closely with him. Designed by Taliesin Apprentice, John C. Amarantides, the book is a heartfelt tribute to a giant of a man and icon of Taliesin.

NOTE: This is a special limited edition publication and is not included as part of the Journal OA+D subscription. It must be purchased separately.

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